One of the greatest threats to our future society and economy is global warming. It is estimated that the CO2 emissions of the ICT industry alone exceeds the carbon output of the entire aviation industry. The ICT industry and research community has a collective responsibility to help address this problem. Fortunately, as compared to the aviation industry, the ICT industry and research community has the tools at hand to reduce its direct CO2 output to zero and the additional capability of enabling other sectors of society to reduce their carbon footprint through “Carbon rewards” rather than unpopular “Carbon taxes”.

Regardless of strategies and campaigns, organizations are waking up to their responsibilities to the environment as part of their broader Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility practices.

The InfoComm industry finds itself in the unique situation of being not just a CO2 offender, but also a potential savior for organizations wishing to improve their own status as environmentally responsible organizations. ADA can help you implement Green IT solutions and policies that will receive wide recognition from the governments and the public.

The Green IT approach can include several different paths in the life cycle of the product. Research and compare as much as possible to help lower the CO2 emissions.

More IT doesn’t mean less Green

A common misconception is that the deployment of more IT instantly leads to an increase of an organization’s carbon footprint. The correct deployment of IT can, however, ensure that the opposite is true. ADA’s thought leadership on the topic of Green IT can help you to understand how IT can have a positive impact on your organization’s carbon footprint.


Green IT


In the Meanwhile

You can simply help the environment by printing less and taking commonly known precautions to help reduce CO2 emissions.

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