NMB Technologies Corporation has been a global leader in the manufacturing of precision mechanical and electrical components for over 50 years. NMB is the world’s largest manufacturer of miniature ball bearings, and a volume leader in design and manufacturing of keyboards, cooling fans, audio speakers, precision motors, and mechanical assemblies. Our customers rely on NMB to supply exceptional quality, leading edge technology, and comprehensive services critical to their success in the personal computing, networking, telecommunications, home entertainment, home electronics, automotive, and industrial markets. Our specialized sales teams reflect the diverse needs of our global, commercial, and automotive customers
CrimsonLogic was established in 1988. Formerly known as Singapore Network Services, CrimsonLogic enables efficient and cost-effective modes of operations by leveraging on the latest IT advancements. Re-inventing working methodologies, creating paperless solutions, streamlining logistics, CrimsonLogic exploits technology for all companies big and small to gain competitive edge.Possessing leading-edge expertise, technological resources, creative manpower and global collaborations, CrimsonLogic opens new doors of opportunities and develops smarter solutions that do not just meet the demands of the market, but also anticipate new ones. Costs too are kept low so businesses can stay more competitive and governments more efficient.TradeNet, Electronic Filing System (EFS), eStamping, to name a few, are solutions that have fast become industry standards and there are still more to follow.A distinctive feature of CrimsonLogic is its uncanny ability to transform otherwise complex procedures into extremely simple and smooth eTransactions and operations. Coupled with end-to-end connectivity, any-to-any format information exchange, and multiple links and network layers, small businesses will be able to profit from CrimsonLogic’s solutions the same way multinationals do.CrimsonLogic presents all the benefits of a leading Application Service Provider (ASP) and as a trusted IT service provider, it gives an unrivalled level of assurance.

novaHEALTH is the leading provider of a total hospital information system to health institutions. With a comprehensive lineup of software solutions to assist healthcare professionals in the management of their facilities and treatment of patients, our solutions are a complimentary fit to the operation of the busiest healthcare departments.

Recognised for our established software development culture and methodology, which is ISO9001:2000-certified, we have a framework to ensure that we deliver reliable, robust, secure, scalable and extensible systems within established timeframes.

Municipality e-Government G2G and G2B SystemsThe key reason for the wide acceptability of novaCITYNET’s solutions is that they are built around widely practiced industry norms. To acquire this domain knowledge involves immersing into the client’s business and processes to reach an understanding of immediate needs, goals, including familiarising with existing technology infrastructure and systems. This is in order to define business initiatives and the solution architecture needed to support the e-business specified goals and objectives.To date, the company has developed a suite of e-Government solutions such as, e-Submission System, Approval Management System, e-PlanCheck System, Development Control System, Building Control System, Property Valuation and Land Management, to assist various local and overseas government agencies in effectively manage application processes such as submission through the internet, evaluation through automated works processes and decision making through decision support systems.One such system that novaCITYNETS designed and developed is the e-Government collaborative framework, a web-based application that improves G2G and G2B communication. Such an application not only eases interaction between group of users, but aids transactions like the submission of building proposals. The public can log onto this electronic platform to correspond with and submit applications for evaluation and approval by any Government agency. Government agency personnel can simultaneously utilize our range of products (as mentioned above) to evaluate and relay decisions back to them via the same electronic platform. Such transactions are secured and verified using digital signatures to ensure the authenticity of the content.
D’Crypt is a high-value design and development house. We deliver full-spectrum leading-edge cryptographic technology and components that form integral parts of our customer’s information security appliances, systems and applications.With our extensive technology development program, we pride ourselves in being able to supply a variety of different technologies in the field of information security, that have immediate practical uses, and are full-system secure. D’Crypt helps customers achieve first mover advantage.
e-Cop is the network for Electronic Crimes and Online Protection. The trusted provider of critical info -security technologies and services, e -Cop offers comprehensive services that help enterprises identify and deal effectively with online threats and risks related to info -security management. Our technology and practice methodology are all centred on the internationally respected Best Practices framework for Information Security Management System (ISMS) -BS7799/ISO17799 – which e -Cop actively endorses and practises as a BS7799 certified organisation.e-Cop’s uniqueness stems from delivering clearly defined value proposition to our clients across the entire IT value chain; both as a professional security risk consultant as well as a proactive provider of critical info -security services and solutions. We achieve this by focusing our resources and devoting our expertise towards constantly developing next -generation info -security technology and robust services – such as our highly specialised managed security services – to meet the complex challenges of info -security management.Today, e -Cop’s managed security services and info -security solutions have successfully helped enterprises and IT/security professionals across the world to protect their business assets and address their security risks.Our Service Offerings
By focussing R&D efforts on Enterprise Security Management (ESM) technology and developing core Managed Security competency around it, e-Cop is today fast recognised as a leading managed security services provider (MSSP) as well as builder of robust 24×7 surveillance and management solutions.
MatrixView provides solutions which range across a diversity of industries.
For the imaging and text market, ABO ™ enables images to be optimized for mathematically lossless or visually lossless quality at much higher compression ratios, faster speeds of encoding/decoding, transmission and retrieval and higher security. Any raw image will be optimized to a higher level than is currently possible with existing schemes. ABO ™ also optimizes video for near real time encoding/decoding coupled with high compression ratios and higher quality images without macro blocking effects. Due to its lower complexities, processor power and battery power usage is minimal compared to traditional implementations such as MPEG coding. ABO ™ can be implemented as a chipset, DSP solution or on software platform depending on user requirements.ABO ™ is a new approach to Digital Content Management.It uses a non-traditional way of transforming data unlike JPEG (Discrete Cosine Transform), JPEG2000 (Discrete Wavelet Transform), JPEGLS, GIF, TIFF, PNG, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4 or MP3. Traditional systems depend on the elimination of data to achieve compression, ABO ™ does not.Instead, ABO ™ uses the high correlation found in digital content signals and efficiently codes these correlations using our patent pending algorithm. The correlation is efficiently encoded in appropriate bit-planes to achieve significant compression of data. Further compression is achieved by means of standard entropy source coding techniques like Huffman Coding.ABO ™ does not require any complex transforms (like FFT, DCT & Wavelet Transforms). It is based on a simple but powerful logical formula. Implementation is carried out with basic mathematical operations. Unlike existing approaches that generate floating points (decimal values), ABO ™ ‘s data is completely binary (integers).Thus, ABO ™ will deliver unprecedented quality, clarity, speed and compression at lower complexities and power consumption to digital data (images, sound & text).
SmartCard &Encryption

  • Advanced SmartCard
  • PC Encryption technologies

Storage AutomationASRS Simulators for CAAS

  • Air Traffic Control
  • Airport Fire Fighting

Clarifix Ltd. is a scientific consulting company specializing in networks analysis and business forecasts. Its web of scientists and experts are currently located in 5 countries and 6 regional offices: London, San Francisco, Boston, Zurich, Budapest and Istanbul

We offer access to novel and cutting edge science to understand complex systems, instead of generic/trendy “business solutions” that rarely create true value. Networked socio-economic settings require intelligent applications to reveal their critical patterns and features. Our approach allows for customized, targeted action and evidence based solutions. Our clients appreciate the insight they gain from our contribution to their success , based on theirown data , from available public or fee based data.

Networks Intelligence ©
The world is a massive network where we all belong to one or many groups, boards, institutions, clubs, minorities, majorities, etc. The interactions occuring between these entities we belong to create a complex system that can be analyzed with high relevance to a
particular iterest or business .

Business Networks Intelligence©

  • Trade and Supply
  • Investments
Pathway Solutions specialises in understanding and solving key performance and commissioning issues within the healthcare system. Our Flagship Product is the Pathway Solutions Validation Module – a highly cost effective, easy to use, on-line system that processes and verifies the charges made by Providers to PCT’s and Practices in ‘real time’.
Integrated IT Solutions is a computing services company serving businesses and organizations in the Eastern Massachusetts area. Integrated IT Solutions provides critical computing services ranging from fully managed computing environments to simple desktop support. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Networking solutions
  • Centralized computing solutions
  • Spam, Spyware and Virus management solutions
  • Remote access and connectivity solutions
  • Network security solutions
  • IT Services outsourcing
  • System lifecycle management solutions
Thinkmate has been a world-class provider of custom computer and server equipment since 1986. Our business was formed around assisting our customers in planning, budgeting, and implementing complete solutions. We provide a broad range of customized server, storage, and cluster solutions to Governments, Universities, Corporations, and the High Performance Computing markets. Our commitment to superior customer service and cutting edge technology has kept us the number one white box server solutions provider for nearly twenty years.
Zenith provides a pay as you go Managed Service Infrastructure and Business Continuity Solution to IT service firms worldwide. Zenith’s unique private-labeled Network Operations Center(NOC) and fully managed disaster recovery solution supplies partners the essentials to deliver scalable managed service and DR offerings, without adding layers of overhead.With Zenith’s services, total cost of delivery is driven down with the structured back office services and processes provided by a 600+ man staff based in the US and India With Zenith you can eliminate the expenses of involved in building your own support structure-facilities, software, and people.
The world you live in: corporate data protection requirements are growing 5% or more per month. Management of this data is further complicated by progressively more stringent regulatory, privacy and security requirements.In response to this demand, Digitiliti is the only company to offer Third Generation Data Protection.Third Generation Data Protection is centrally controlled, on-demand, disk-to-disk backup with unlimited scalability. Third Generation offers immediate, online access to dozens of generations of backup at multiple sites across the enterprise. Secure vault data storage can be provided onsite, and remotely at primary and secondary data vaults by means of highly secure internet transmission.What sets Third Generation apart: unlimited scalability combined with massive data reduction at the byte level. You’re assured unlimited on-demand storage capacities, while the volume of data stored is typically less than one-third the original protected volume.Digitiliti offers substantial resources in network infrastructure, storage configuration, systems integration and technical support. Digitiliti serves customers in legal, financial, healthcare, universities, broadcast, prepress, supercomputing and other data-intensive companies.
Established in 1991, Jetta International has been a professional notebook PC supplier in the United States for over 18 years. With our high standards, aggressive pricing and superior customer service, we have proven to be one of the best notebook PC suppliers in the United States. Due to our reliable and consistent service, support and product quality, Jetta has been honored as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Intel Mobile Premier Provider.
With more than 380,000 customers—including 100 of the Fortune 100—and with deployments across a wide variety of industries in more than 145 countries around the globe, Oracle offers an optimized and fully integrated stack of business hardware and software systems.Oracle engineers hardware and software to work together in the cloud and in your data center–from servers and storage, to database and middleware, through applications. Oracle systems:

  • Provide better performance, reliability, security, and flexibility
  • Lower the cost and complexity of IT implementation and management
  • Deliver greater productivity, agility, and better business intelligence
OneLogin provides the fastest path to identity management in the cloud with an on-demand solution consisting of single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, directory integration, user provisioning and a catalog with thousands of pre-integrated applications.


Here are five reasons why organizations everywhere are choosing OneLogin:

  • OneLogin is built for the cloud We offer all the advantages of a cloud-based solution with a subscription model, high-availability hosting and 24×7 support. 99.99% uptime guarantee.
  • OneLogin comes pre-integrated with everything So no matter which web app, directory or VPN you use, we have it covered with one solution.
  • OneLogin goes live in minutes The integration work we have done up front means you can set up OneLogin faster and realize the benefits right away.
  • Users love OneLogin Thanks to a clean and simple user interface, users are thrilled by making OneLogin their portal to the cloud.
Arch Digitals is far too curious about what makes your brand and business unique to get stuck in some rote process of pre-packaged services. We know what works, but we also know that it needs to work for you. Reach customers, trigger engagement, and increase transactions and loyalty with our full-service, ’round-the-world, soup-to-nuts, multi-dimensional, 360º perspective.

  • Strategy Brand positioning and digital channel plans.
  • Design Identity, interactive and marketing elements.
  • Development Enterprise, commerce, websites & cloud apps.
  • Marketing Content, social, search, inbound & outbound.